"Everything’s OK" Season One Trailer

"Everything's OK" Episode One: "Autopilot"

"Everything's OK" Episode Two: "Human Resources"

"Everything's OK" Episode Three: "Silent Partners"

"Everything's OK" Episode Four: "Barbecue"

"Everything's OK" Episode Five: "Electric Sheep"

"Everything's OK" Episode Six: "Citizen Cha Cha"

"Everything's OK" Episode Seven: "Citizen Who?"

"Everything's OK" Episode Eight: "Pixelated Salvation"


EVERYTHING'S OK is a show about New York City ten years after fracking has caused the apocalypse. This ambitious first season was shot in a small Brooklyn living room, with a budget raised through Kickstarter. The backgrounds are miniature sets built by hand out of cardboard and garbage by art director Christopher O'Connell. The first episode premiered at Cannes, the series was released to wide critical acclaim, and the show was nominated Best Indie Series at the 2017 Streamy Awards.

Written, directed, edited, and animated by Ace Salisbury. Original music by Rob Crow.